Singapore is one of the world’s greatest and most convenient countries to visit for the discerning traveller. Its world-class amenities and seamless infrastructure are what makes this cosmopolitan city more than just a destination.

Electrifying activities, world-class golf courses, luxury shopping malls, delicious food and rich cultures are just some of the reasons to visit Singapore. Why not combine it with a trip to the Singapore Yacht Show and see the region’s largest collection of yachting and lifestyle exhibits at the same time?

local_dining Travel Basics

First time travelling to Singapore? This city-state has all the modern trappings and is small and easy to navigate. However, to make your trip to the Singapore Yacht Show as smooth as possible, click HERE for a few tips to help you along your way.

supervised_user_circle Attractions

With its blend of Asian and European cultures, Singapore is one of the greatest cities in the world. From towering skyscrapers to quaint shophouses, botanical gardens to theme parks, the Singapore Yacht Show team have picked their favourite spots HERE!

thumb_up Culture

While you’re visiting Singapore for the yacht show, try to make time to experience the country’s diverse heritage, displayed in the wide array of cultures, races and religions. More information on the four main ethnic groups – Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western and their respective attractions can be found HERE.

local_dining Food & Nightlife

There are amazing dining choices in Singapore, from Michelin star street-food to glitzy rooftop restaurants, whilst the city’s nightlife offers nocturnal funseekers an endless menu of entertainment options. Click HERE for our top-picks.

supervised_user_circle Corporate Culture

Singapore, a cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures, has a unique work culture made up of both Asian and Western influences. Click HERE for a few pointers on how to avoid a business faux pas during your stay in Singapore.

thumb_up Sentosa Island

Sentosa is one of Asia’s leading leisure destinations and Singapore’s premier island getaway, housing an exciting array of attractions – plus the best yacht show in the region! Find out more about this incredible island HERE.

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