Quick Quiz with Captain Jo from M/Y Ambrosia

Can you tell us a bit about your experience cruising in South East Asia?

I started towards the end of 2007 onboard Ambrosia in Singapore. The owners are from Hong Kong and have a true love of cruising, and a lot of experience in yachting. While I have spent in total about 8 years on several yachts in Asia, there are still a lot of incredible locations I still have yet to discover. During my time in Asia, I visited Singapore, Malaysia, the Maldives, Abu Dhabi (for the first boat show there), Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia (Raya Ampat) and Hong Kong.

Can you tell us about your favourite cruising destinations?

Asia has excellent diving locations particularly in the Philippines, Palau and Indonesia. Palau, I would have to say is my favourite for not only the diving but for the incredible tours that can be arranged. Also, don’t miss swimming in Jelly Fish Lake. If luxury shopping and top-level dining options are a priority for your guests, then absolutely Singapore or Hong Kong should be on the itinerary.

Any suggestions for new captains to the area?

While there are only a few locations in Asia with dedicated superyacht marinas, and in many places, you need to stay at anchor, the marina infrastructure is continually improving. And where you find dedicated superyacht marinas, you will find experienced companies and technicians to assist engine room issues and repairs on deck. For captains who are new to the area, I would suggest they plan the itinerary well in advance to ensure that they get all the necessary immigration formalities and paperwork submitted correctly and ahead of time.

Who are you going to call!?

Local agents are very experienced and provide a wide array of services in the area. In general, the local customs and immigrations officials are helpful, although navigating the paperwork and bureaucracy can take time. The local agents are very knowledgeable and know how to navigate the bureaucracy which makes the process a lot easier. Most of the time I was using Asia Pacific Superyachts.

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