The Singapore Yacht Show will welcome the world’s best-known custom superyacht builders, a unique and not-to-be-missed opportunity for visitors to see these stunning vessels up close and personal.  

With over 25 Asia Premieres in 2019, the Show is one of the region’s leading players in developing the yachting and boating industry in Asia.

The mission and purpose behind the Singapore Yacht Show has changed somewhat over the last few years. By working closely with various governments in the ASEAN economic community, our long-term goal is to promote South East Asia – and its stunning sailing grounds – as an alternative winter destination for the global fleet of 5,000 or so superyachts that currently call the Mediterranean their permanent homes.

The costs of bringing a superyacht half way round the world and running it here for a season can run to several million dollars – so unless owners have the opportunity to rent their yacht out when they’re not using it, the majority of these stunning – and rare – vessels will miss out on the spectacular sailing grounds this region has to offer.

By allowing foreign yachts to charter without the current import regulations, it would bring significant income and prosperity to local business and communities, as well as revenues for governments, job creation and inward investment. The Singapore Yacht Show is committed to help unlock the region’s superyacht potential and to deliver long-term benefits to South East Asia’s yachting industry.

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