Yachting For Families

Time is precious and fast becoming a rare commodity. Some may even say it is the ultimate luxury in the fast-paced world we all run-around in. We're constantly looking for ways to spend quality time with our families, escaping the madness of day-to-day life, far away from emails and phones. Have you ever considered escaping on a yacht for the ultimate time to reconnect with your family and even indulge in a digital detox?

Freedom With Complete Privacy

When looking to spend time with your loved ones, exploring the region by yacht is undoubtedly one of the most thrilling adventures you could have and will create long-lasting memories for all in the family. You can be sure of true privacy because you and your captain have plotted the right course and chosen the idyllic destinations that can only be reached by boat.

With an abundance of island destinations in the region, you are certainly spoilt for choice. From the private Indonesian islands such as Pangkil and Bawah to the more well-known areas like Malaysia's Sipadan Island, where distractions come in the form of clear blue waters, untouched nature and wildlife - you and your family can truly engage and communicate with one another meaningfully.








Exploration Expands Creativity

A getaway on a yacht knows no bounds - allowing you to explore uncharted islands and remote places beyond the typical urban areas where heritage and culture can be unique. Should you have the opportunity to meet with some of the locals, your family would be treated to a truly localised experience and cultural appreciation lessons no classrooms are able to offer.

Alternatively, you can choose to expose your family to destinations where they can learn first-hand about the eco-friendly efforts taken by locals, which are sorely lacking in the modern societies we live in. The endurance and adaptability it takes to be out in the openness of the ocean will certainly develop strong and unyielding traits.







Soak Up The Great Outdoors

Mother nature not only educates, but she is a lot of fun too! From fishing to simply diving off the boat to swim, from jet skiing to snorkelling, the right yacht can be equipped with plenty of toys and activities to suit any outdoor activity. What can be better than cooking together with your children the fresh seafood that they have just caught themselves or watching the magnificent sunrise over the horizon of the open seas?







Reconnect And Be Connected

For those who really aren't ready to completely disconnect, rest assured - yachts today are equipped with the latest navigational and communication technology so being connected to the outside world is still at your fingertips.







Although you most likely will be occupied with connecting and reconnecting with your partner and family members, satellite communication technology has made it easy and convenient, particularly in luxury yachts, for you to be connected to your office. Time is fleeting and in a blink of an eye, the future will creep up on you before you know it. So make the most of today!

Visit our partners and exhibitors to find out more about chartering the yacht for you and your loved ones to create memories to last a lifetime. If you haven't already done so, book your tickets to the Singapore Yacht Show now!

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